Monday, April 13, 2015

Third Annual Game Of Thrones Food Day

 I was so excited to start cooking yesterday.  I got up early and started blackberry walnut yeast bread.  I then made honey butter to go with it, and lemonsweet.  (Recipes are either from the Game of Thrones cookbook, or adapted from them or my own recipes based on the literary descriptions.)

 Then once the bread was baking I started on fingerfish (aka, fancy fish sticks) and Dornish eggs.  Dornish eggs my way, sauteed onions and lots of peppers.  I used poblano, cubanelle, green bell and orange bell peppers.  Seasoned and sauted until still a bit crisp but mostly tender.  I topped them with chopped hard boiled eggs and cheese.

 The whole breakfast was rounded out with the lemonsweet (lemonade made with honey and herbs), a blood orange, and a pear.  I think that this was the best breakfast I have ever had, anywhere.  I am making it again, soon.  The kids LOVED it, and I wasn't sure how they would react to fish for breakfast, but they want it again.
 We were actually so full from breakfast that we skipped lunch, but I made date apple orange oatbread, and apple stuffed rolls.
 Pease porridge, which tasted far better than it looks I assure you.
 Buttered carrots and parsnips, amazing.
 Buttered beets, always a favorite.
 Interior of amazing apple stuffed rolls.

 Roasted chicken, and roasted apples.
 Oh the sweetcorn fritters, they were so delicious.

One of our favorite meals so far.  Next year though, I am making beef and bacon pie, Sansa salad, and some of the recipes from the new Dornish chapter that I just got on the kindle.  I may decide to have another feast for the season finale, since this was so much fun!  Plus I still have so many recipes I want to try.  I also forgot to take pictures, but I made lemoncakes, and they were also amazing.  Next I want tarts.  Lots of pies and sweets :)  Definitely doing a feast for the season finale.  What do you think I should make?

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