Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Okay so I just made the most delicious oatmeal, chocolate chip, pumpkin seed cookies ever... The problem is, they are so crumbly all I can get is big handfuls of crumbs of them to eat.. I was thinking of serving them over fresh fruit and ice cream. Still, I'm not sure exactly what happened, I followed the recipe to the letter (except for adding pumpkin seeds instead of pecans - which I can't imagine made that much of a difference). I might re-post the recipe if I can figure out what happened!


  1. I would love to see the recipe, and maybe help figure out what went wrong. Did you use butter, margarine or oil?

  2. I figured out what I did wrong... I looked at the recipe closer and discovered that the cookies were supposed to be bite sized... only a tsp full per cookie, I made them waaaaay too big. They are actually supposed to come out slightly lacey looking, but be bite sized...

    I'll try it again sometime soon and see what happens!

  3. That explains it! At least they were tasty. I keep messing up everything I make lately, though dinner smells good. I have burned my arm three times this week too, can't seem to get on track!