Sunday, November 6, 2011

Homemade Is Fun

As you know I love making all kinds of homemade things.  Lately I have been using all my garden grown lavender making some pretty nice bath products.  I have made fizzy bath bombs, solid bar lotion, salt scrubs, face and body creams, and even a balm that can be used as lip balm, massage balm or anything else you can think of.  I love being able to use something I made and I like that I know all the ingredients.  In addition I think these would make really nice little gifts for people.  Today I am just going to tell you about the salt scrub, and the rest I will post another day.

Salt Scrub

About 1 cup epsom salts, I used a chamomile one
About 1/2 cup table salt or sea salt
Some chopped lavender from the garden
Some dried chamomile flowers crushed, from earlier this summer
A few drops lavender essential oil
Enough oil to moisten all thoroughly, I used a combo of almond oil and olive oil

Basically throw all the dry stuff in a bowl and mix completely and pour in oil slowly, stirring until it looks wet and shiny and slightly liquid.  I scooped into some pretty canning jars and labeled the tops.  This lasts indefinitely and you only need a little to scrub into your hands or anywhere else that needs softening or scrubbing.  The lavender and chamomile are so calming and it really feels like a little treat to yourself.  Plus it is really easy.  I didn't really measure at all.  And I love that it makes my hands smell so good and feel so soft.  Bath products make me happy!

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