Tuesday, October 7, 2014

2015, the year of the CSA

So awhile ago I posted an entry about the "greening" of my families lifestyle.  I wanted to update because we are making a pretty significant push in 2015 to offset our food eating to be as local as possible and are buying into a bunch of  CSA (community supported agriculture) shares in our area.  This will be a great experiment, a test to see how feasible it is to really eat farm to table.  I will let you know how it goes!

Here is what we are looking into:

A summer and winter vegetable share at Mountain View Farm in Easthampton.  This we have been doing this year already, and have done in the past.  Really a wonderful experience.

A year round mushroom share from Mycoterra Farm.  You get about a pound of mushrooms per week.

A summer and fall fruit share from Small Ones Farm.

A years worth (115 lbs) of unprocessed grains from Pioneer Valley Heritage grains.  This will require us to purchase a grinder and grind our own flour.

A meat share from Hettie Belle Farm.  This share an immense amount of meat for us and may not be possible until we get a chest freezer for the garage.  Still we plan on at least doing the summer share, which is only one pickup, just to try it out.

In addition to this we have already signed up for delivery of milk from Mapleline Farms in Hadley.  They deliver right to your front steps in old fashioned glass milk bottles.  You can also get local yogurt, heavy cream and buttermilk from them.

So it will be an interesting year coming up!

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  1. That sounds so exciting! I don't even know if we have that many cool CSAs available around here. I really need to look into it.