Monday, October 6, 2014

Pasta with Goat Cheese and Tomatoes

Today is pretty chilly, and I really wanted something warm and filling for lunch that still felt a little summery.  This dish is perfect for both.  I made it a few times over the summer, once with my friend Diana, and I accidentally put in almost a quarter of a bottle of pizza seasoning, and believe it or not it was still amazing.  But much better to measure a little less the first time!

You need:
1 pound pasta of your choice, I used gluten free penne
2 T garlic extra virgin olive oil, or oil plus some fresh garlic, but I love the garlic oil
Several tomatoes: if plum, use six or so, beefsteak 3, campari size tomatoes at least 8 or 9, or you can mix them like I did here.
A small log of garlic and herb goat cheese, you can use plain but garlic is better
Large handful spinach, chopped
2 tsp pizza seasoning, or other italian blend you like
salt and pepper

First step is to put water on to boil for pasta and salt it heavily.  Put the oil in a saute pan large enough for a pound of pasta with room to mix, and turn to medium high.  Then chop tomatoes.

Put the chopped tomatoes in the hot oil, stir around and season with salt, pepper, and pizza seasoning.  Let it cook while you prep the rest of stuff, just stir once in a while.  You want the tomatoes to get soft and juicy and lovely.

Chop the spinach and add it to the tomatoes when there are about 5 minutes left for the pasta to cook.  Stir it in and turn it down if it is getting dry.  You want this to be saucy, not pasty.


Add the goat cheese in the last couple of minutes and stir around until the sauce is creamy and bubbly.  Use a slotted spoon or similar utensil to transfer the pasta to the sauce, adding some of the starchy cooking liquid into it.  Stir the pasta all around and let cook a minute or two in the sauce, then serve and enjoy.

The kids and I enjoyed it outside on the deck while the sun is shining.  It looks like CJ isn't enjoying anything but it is just from squinting into the sun, he ate two bowls!  I love that this recipe only takes about 12 minutes start to finish, and it tastes creamy and rich, like things I am not supposed to have :)

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