Thursday, January 16, 2014

More Homemade Fun Stuff

Today I woke up tired.  I didn't want to clean or do anything housey.  But I felt the urge to make stuff.  So that is what I did, among the dirty floors, unfolded laundry, and piles of kids' stuff.  I made sore muscle bath soak, bedtime bath, winter skin scrub, and homemade vapor rub.  In addition I made something to hang in
the kids' school room.

Moisturizing Sore Muscle Bathtime Soak

1 cup epsom salts
1/2 cup baking soda
1/2 cup citric acid
1/2 cup shredded cocoa butter, I put the wafers into a parmesan cheese shredder like from Olive Garden
Birch essential oil till it smells like birch beer

Mix and store in a jar.  Epsom salts and birch are awesome for muscle fatigue and soreness.  The cocoa butter moisturizes soothes and helps the other ingredients work better.

Bedtime Bath

Handful each of dried chamomile and dried lavender
1/2 cup baking soda
1 cup oats
                Puree in blender.  Mix with:
1/2  cup citric acid
2 cups epsom salts, or chamomile or lavender epsom salts
Lavender and/or chamomile essential oil
1 T vanilla extract
Enough olive oil to make it crumbly
                Mix and store in jar.  The herbs and vanilla are relaxing.  The epsom salts are magnesium which aids in relaxation and sleep, the oil is moisturizing which holds the fragrance on your skin, and the oats soothe and calm your skin.  The baking soda and citric acid fizz which just makes it fun.

Winter Scrub

Epsom salt, iodized salt, sugar, about a third cup of each.  Clove essential oil, cinnamon essential oil, and vanilla orange extract.  Enough olive oil to make a scrubby paste around a third to a half a cup.   Mix and store in jar.

Vapor Rub

1/3 cup coconut oil
A few wafers of cocoa butter
1/3 cup olive oil
2 T beeswax
Camphor, wintergreen, and eucalyptus essential oils, 15-20 drops each

Melt, mix, store in jar.  Rub on chest and bottoms of feet whenever you would reach for the traditional blue jar.  If it is too solid remelt with more olive oil, if too soft remelt with a little more wax.

This is what I made for the school room.  This is something CJ needs to be reminded of all the time.  I took this white shelf I found in the basement, Wrote the words with pencil, colored them in with white oil pastel, and painted over them with craft paints.  I let it dry and rubbed off the paint over the oil pastels with my fingers.  Fun, quick, easy.  Hopefully a bit inspirational for the kids, and it made me feel creative and like I accomplished something today.

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