Monday, September 29, 2014

More Cleaning Love

In continuation of my fall cleaning embarkation, I thought I would show you all my brand new vacuum.  I spent quite a bit, and got a Kirby.  A friend is selling them and we figured why not.  It has a ton of cool attachments, and includes a carpet cleaner too.  Tomorrow we shampoo the carpets and vacuum the ceiling fans and mattresses.

It is easy to use, and is built really well.  Rich sold them at one time too, so he knows how to use it far better than I do.  I love it.

Part of fall cleaning is this deep carpet cleaning, mattresses, washing down the walls with the Mrs. Meyers cleaner from my previous post, and getting rid of stuff we no longer use.  I also spray the whole house down with homemade air freshener.  I use an empty spray bottle, half to a full teaspoon baking soda and thirty drops of essential oil.  If you are all getting sick use eucalyptus, tea tree, thieves oil blend, or Clean the Air. These oils all help clean the air in the house, purify and sanitize the surfaces it touches, and the baking soda helps remove bad odors.  Clean the air also helps a lot with seasonal allergies.

I make homemade thieves oil, as I refuse to pay the price I have seen.  Super simple, and way cheaper to buy the individual oils and make the mix yourself.  I use a pipette to put equal amounts of the following oils into a small jar:
     cinnamon bark
     tea tree is optional
After these are all mixed, put an equal amount of almond or grapeseed oil as a carrier oil.  Otherwise the oil blend is too strong to use on its own.  If you have never heard of thieves oil, research it, it is such an interesting story.

My list of must have cleaners is very small.  The previously mentioned Mrs. Meyers, baking soda, washing soda, vinegar, castile soap, borax, and essential oils.  I use vinegar for windows.  I use it for mirrors.  I also occasionally wipe down the floor and stove with it as a degreaser.  I keep the following in my binder for quick reference on the homemade cleaners I most often use.

Homemade Cleaner Recipes
   Bathroom Cleaner Spray
                In bottle combine ¼ cup lemon juice, ¼ cup white vinegar and at least 1 c. warm water

   All Purpose Cleaner
                ½ tsp washing soda
                2 tsp borax
                1 tsp liquid castile soap
                2 c. water
                20-30 drops pine essential oil (15 each lemon and eucalyptus for bathroom cleaner)

   Disinfectant Spray
                3 T. liquid castile soap
                2 c. water
                20-30 drops tea tree oil (15 each lemon and eucalyptus for bathroom) or thieves oil

   Air Freshener
                In spray bottle put 1 tsp baking soda, essential oils of choice, fill with water

   Tub Cleaner
                ¼- ½ c. baking soda mixed with enough lemon juice or vinegar to make paste

These all work well and are cheap to make.  They are a great green alternative to other chemical filled cleaners.  Plus they help me with my fall cleaning, since I don't worry about using a lot of them as I can just make more in a few minutes.  I always have the ingredients to make these cleaners and vary the essential oils for each particular job.  In the spring I use lemon, orange, grapefruit, and lime oils.  In the winter I use pine and cinnamon and vanilla.  In the fall I love using spices, and thieves oil.  Summer is lavender and lemongrass.  I do the same thing with the air freshener.  It changes with my mood and the season.  One favorite is a little vanilla, lime and rosemary.  I love when my house smells clean and wonderful with the essential oils.  It makes me smile :)  Somehow having the house clean and fresh and fall cleaned makes the shorter days and cooler nights much easier.

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