Saturday, September 6, 2014

Summer Squash Sauce

I have been looking for ways to use the glut of yellow squash in a way that Eliza will eat.  She hates the texture of squash but loves the flavor.  So while I was reading a cookbook called Deceptively Delicious I saw a recipe where author made buttered noodles using a little bit of summer squash puree.  So I thought I would try it.  What I came up with was a fantastically rich smooth sauce that can be added to pasta, rice, quinoa or polenta and that Eliza LOVES!  Plus it is chock full of veggies so I don't feel guily eating something that tastes so cheesy and alfredo like.  It is pretty simple to prepare, and freezes well.  So twice I have made a big batch to use in the winter when I am craving that fresh from the garden flavor.

I had several fairly large summer squash.  I cut the ends off and sliced them. leaving the peels.  They need to be steamed, and I did that in the microwave with some salt and pepper.

 Once they were almost done I put half a stick of butter, some salt and pepper, and a log of garlic herb goat cheese in a saucepan and set it aside.  As soon as the squash was soft I threw it in my vitamix with its cooking water and pureed it till smooth

 Then I poured it into the pan with the cheese and butter and stirred it over low heat.

In a few minutes I had a rich velvety sauce that is amazing and versatile.  Eliza loves this on pasta, I love it in polenta, Rich loves it on rice, and CJ loves it with just a spoon.  And now I don't have to worry about figuring out what to do with all that lovely summer squash that seems to be everywhere.  I love that I have some in the freezer to thaw for a quick lunch or dinner, and that it takes only a few minutes to put together.  And I love finally being able to feed Eliza squash without it being a fight.


  1. Huh, I never would have thought to do that... I bet it would work with any veggie you can steam!

  2. Btw, I'm gonna try and go through and put label tags on our posts.. It's driving me crazy trying to find stuff!

  3. My kids also dislike the "squishy yuckinees" (direct Mckenzee quote) of squash so I am going to try this as well. I found another recipe I am thinking of trying, thought you might like to try:

  4. Great idea to tag everything, it is getting tough to find stuff :) I am thinking a carrot sauce would be great, or butternut squash mixed with cheddar. Zucchini and basil maybe, almost like a pesto, lots of new ideas to try :)

    Sue, so glad this will help you, and I am totally going to try that soup, it sounds great, and we already love corn chowder!

  5. Just so everyone knows, that soup is spectacular!