Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Disinfectant Spray

I used to spend so much money on that Lysol disinfectant spray, which smells awful, bleaches things, and can't be used when the kids are around.  I just wanted to know that certain things were clean, like the mega blocks and their highchair trays.  Now I just make it.  I saved my favorite spray bottle from an all natural cleaner I spent tons of money on at Stonewall Kitchen, and I filled it with my new spray.  I use it for everything, especially the kids' potties and plastic toys.  I love the way it smells, and it is safe to use on the kids if I wanted to.  Simple and cheap to make too.  I even use it as an air freshener sometimes, as the spray bottle makes a superfine mist if I turn the sprayer top.  Here is the recipe:

2 cups water
3 Tablespoons liquid or castille soap, you can use dish soap, or I use laundry soap that is actually just castille soap that foams too much for my washing machine
20 to 30 drops tea tree essential oil, this is a natural disinfectant and antibacterial substance, though you could also use lemon, orange, grapefruit, clove or any other oil with similar properties

Pour into a spray bottle and shake gently.  Use on everything!  This is what I use to wash all the surfaces in my kitchen and bathroom, and I love it!


  1. That's a great idea! I realized I am paying big money for natural cleaners that are essentially this recipe!

  2. It keeps amazing me when I realize how easy some of these things are to make. I realized that I already always have the major things I need for cleaning and bug repelling. Turns out that same castille soap mixed with water and a few drops of oil makes insecticidal soap that is safe around the kids!